Gustavo Dominici, M.D.
Editor of Il Medico Omeopata – The Italian Journal of Classical Homeopathy

MATERIALS AND METHODS -The proving protocol


The dynamised substance to be used in the proving is chosen by the director who is the only person who is aware of its nature. This ensures that the proving is carried out under triple blind conditions (coordinator, supervisors and provers). The director commissions a fully recognised and reliable homeopathic laboratory to produce the substance to the required potency/ies. The pharmaceutical form is a hydro-alcoholic solution which enables a simpler and more practical way of administering the substance and repeating the dosage and provides a simpler and more verifiable succussion method. Placebo bottles are added at the director’s discretion. The placebo and verum bottles were randomly distributed. The 15 bottles that were used for Proteus proving were provided by Ce.m.o.n.: 3 of the bottles were placebo and 12 were verum. All the verum bottles were at a 200K potency. 1 Prover decided to stop. 1 Prover withdrew for health reasons. Ultimately we had 13 valid provers of which 10 verum and 3 placebo.

The director organises the proving and is the only person who knows the nature of the dynamised substance being studied in the experiment, the potency(ies) involved, and the use (or not) of a placebo. The director keeps the codes of each prover and the bottle that each prover receives. A copy is given to a person uninvolved in the proving who takes part with the coordinator in every decision that may be required during the proving. The director examines the final symptomatology and decides whether to explore those aspects which are not sufficiently clear. The director organises a final meeting with the coordinator, the supervisors and the provers in order to define and complete the symptomatology. Together with the coordinator and the supervisors, the director assesses the results, makes suitable modifications to the protocol and decides about the publication of the results.

The coordinator ensures that the proving is conducted according to the initially agreed procedures. The coordinator is not aware of the substance being tested. Each week the director receives the symptoms collected by each supervisor, assesses the quality of the supervisors’ work and asks for clarification about any aspect or symptom that seems unclear. Together with the supervisors and by consulting the director, the coordinator decides whether to stop or continue a prover’s involvement in the experiment, the need for an antidote and whether to extend the period for administering the substance.
The supervisors are experienced homeopathic doctors. Each supervisor oversees one to two provers. Supervisors cannot exchange any observations before the end of the proving.


The provers are healthy individuals who do not currently suffer acute or chronic diseases. Provers must not make frequent use of medicines or drugs. Women provers must not use contraceptive pills or should have stopped for at least three months. Provers must not have taken homeopathic remedies with high dynamisation during the 60 days prior to the start of the proving, or low dynamised homeopathic remedies during 15 days beforehand. During the experiment, provers must not exchange any observations regarding the proving.

The supervisor prepares a case report form for each prover prior to the start of the proving. The case report form should include the following information:
o The personal case history and symptoms of the prover, sub-divided into sections.
o The pre-proving diary of the prover.
o A final opinion of the prover.
The supervisor sends a copy of each individual case report form to the coordinator prior to the start of the proving.

The prover writes down his or her symptoms before the beginning of the proving.
The prover keeps this diary for at least 7 days prior to the proving (preferably two weeks) in which he or she notes down all symptoms experienced, whether physical, emotional or intellectual. This helps to define the normal symptoms of the prover which cannot be included as the symptoms of the proving and enables the prover to gain greater confidence in self-observation and noting down his or her own sensations in appropriate terms.
The result is discussed with the supervisor when completing the personal case report form before starting the proving. The supervisor corrects the inevitable mistakes made by the prover. This preparatory phase is extremely important for the final result.

This is the diary where the symptoms of the proving are recorded. The diary is kept for 30 days from the first time that the substance is taken. Each prover notes down the symptom as soon as they notice it. Each evening they transcribe their notes into a specially designed file. In the transcription the prover provides full details and completes the description of the symptom. The prover contacts the supervisor to clarify any doubts, even on a frequent basis, especially during the first few days. Once a week the prover meets the supervisor or video calls him or her to examine and define in greater detail the symptoms noted down to enable the supervisor to record any objective symptoms. Each query should be clarified and each undefined symptom should be clearly defined.

The substance for the proving is provided in a hydro-alcoholic solution in several numbered bottles.
The choice of the bottle is randomised. The dosage is 5 drops 4 times a day for a maximum of 7 days. The first dose is given in the evening just before bedtime, letting 5 drops either dissolve directly on the tongue or in a plastic spoon with a small amount of water, keeping the solution in the mouth for about a minute. The following doses are taken at roughly six hour intervals after shaking the bottle vigorously 10 or more times. The intake of the substance is suspended after the appearance of the first sufficiently important or unusual symptom, both physical and mental/emotional, or alternatively at the end of the set 7 day period.

The preparatory seminar specifies the language to be used to describe the symptom with practical exercises. The language is simple, direct and descriptive. Guidelines are provided to avoid using generic terms, such as wellbeing, queasiness, tension and stress, or medical terms such as
tachycardia, premature extra-ventricular contraction, cephalea, hyper-secretion and others. The language should be neither too concise nor too imaginative. Any type of deduction should be avoided. The prover is prepared simply to be a vehicle through whom the substance manifests itself.
Sensations are extremely important; their actual nature should be checked with the supervisor.
Dreams are recorded but are not included in the symptomatology of the proving unless an image from the dream is described by several provers or is particularly intense and unusual for the prover.
Lastly, the most frequent mistakes are examined such as excess enthusiasm which produces symptoms. Moreover, if someone has never paid close attention to one’s own symptomatology, symptoms can be perceived as new and original when they are actually quite ordinary. The pre-proving diary and the supervisor’s skills can avoid this problem.

The actual proving lasts 30 days which is the period during which each prover records information about his or her symptoms. This data is supplemented by the objective symptoms recorded by the supervisor in contacts and direct meetings with the prover. During the following months, the coordinator or director contact each prover to assess the persistence of the symptoms over time or the duration of the benefits obtained during the proving.
All the participants in the proving meet at the post-proving seminar to examine, complete and assess the work that has been undertaken. This is the occasion when experiences are shared and checked. The final meeting highlights, underlines and clarifies the most important aspects of the pathogenesis of the substance tested during the proving. The result of one person becomes the result of everyone involved and the tested substance reveals its essence.
The gathering of symptoms and the formulation of the experimental pathogenesis of the substance can follow extremely different criteria. For this protocol it was decided that uncertain symptoms – i.e. symptoms which, in terms of the intensity or frequency of appearance in provers, do not provide sufficient evidence of belonging to the substance used in the proving – should not be included. This criterion prevents the result from being skewed and makes the data more reliable. Particular importance is placed on the objective symptoms and final sensations of each prover. Objective symptoms refer to the symptoms recorded by the supervisor through direct contact with the prover who normally knows the supervisor well and who is often not doing the proving under his or her guidance for the first time: these include the appearance and most important features, even the most varied.
Notes are also made of the spontaneous comments made by relatives regarding the changes in the prover during the 30 day period. The prover is asked to give a final assessment of the experience and the alterations he or she has noticed during the proving. These final comments, summaries and general remarks often provide the most significant symptoms. Only afterwards is the pathogenesis compared to the information available in the literature and similarities and differences are evaluated.
Each symptom is recorded with the initials of the prover who experienced it, the time it appeared, when significant, and the day(s) when it occurred.
After assessing the results, the director, coordinator and the supervisors decide how to use them and how to raise awareness about them.

(80 symptoms + notes)
(Gustavo Dominici – School of Homeopathy, Verona – 2013)
VR13 = Verona 2013, the code number of the proving.
The code number after each symptom identifies the prover.
The next number indicates the day of the observation, from 1 to 30; the number 1 stands for the day when the prover begins to take the substance.
The next number, if used, indicates the time the symptom appeared.
At the end of the list of symptoms, there are important notes by the supervisor or by the prover, spontaneous or recorded a posteriori by contact between the director and the prover.
Mind (21)
Critical, vehement, argumentative
1. The supervisor points out to me that at the school of homeopathy at Verona I had an argument with two teachers in which I expressed my opinions in an unusually vehement manner. VR13 EC 7
2. I feel more decisive. If I think I’m in the right during an argument I stick obstinately to my views instead of dropping the matter as I usually do; this attitude has caused me to be defined as the ’stickler’’. VR13 MD 1
3. I deal with things in a more critical, decisive and resolute way. I have a firm reaction. VR13 FZ
4. I feel more rational when handling sentimental relationships, I am less carried away by feelings and am more realistic. I use less sweet talk,, give fewer cuddles and concentrate more on “practical matters”. Phone calls with my girlfriend don’t last two hours as they used to and are more practical and direct. VR13 MD 1
5. The sensation of being more decisive at work and handing sentimental relationships. VR13 MD 8.
6. I am extremely irritable, both with my partner and at work. I tend to be aggressive and argumentative. Normally I tend not to talk about things that irritate me. VR13 FZ 7,9,11,12.
7. I’ve felt more vigorous, more lively, more rapid and I’ve been working well. VR13 CT 1
8. After taking the remedy for the second time, my girlfriend says I have become more affectionate and am less “grumpy” than usual. VR13 AT 1
9. At the school of homeopathy my colleagues are surprised to see that I am more friendly, more sociable, readier to talk and joke about things. They say I’ve changed completely. VR13 AT 6
10. The people that have to deal with him notice a greater capacity to engage in relationships and socialise; they find him more cordial, sociable and tolerant. VR13 AT 11
11. I have become more trusting of homeopathy, while initially I was sceptical. After the proving I began to have several homeopathic appointments. VR13 EC (Note: this was said during the final seminar).
Break-up of relationship
12. Suspicious and doubtful about forthcoming plans for cohabitation with his girlfriend. VR13 MD (sensation confirmed at the seminar in May).
13. I have called into question long-term relationships. I have broken up with my boyfriend. It’s proved to be a step forward but it has been hard and tiring. VR13 FZ
14. I take drastic almost kamikaze-like decisions, reacting energetically to the provocation of my assistant in the studio, which could become definitive: I sacked her. To put it simply, I asked her to leave (after 22 years of working together …). VR13 LG 8 (The prover went back on his decision and reconsidered it 15 days after ceasing to take the remedy.)
Anxiety, desperation, suicidal and homicidal instincts
15. I feel extremely agitated and find it difficult to get to sleep. VR13 DV 23.00 2,3,4,5,7,9,10
16. Anxiety, agitation with palpitations, continuous tension, verging on fear. I felt a sense of liberation and burst into tears. VR13 DV 17.
17. When I woke up, I felt dazed, I found it hard to think, I forgot to give my niece the things I had prepared for her. VR13 CT 2
18. The sensation of being drunk. VR13 MP 16.00 4
19. A sense of desperation, and not managing to cope during my wife’s gynaecological appointment. I had never experienced this previously. VR13 EC (this emerged during the final seminar).
20. Homicidal urge. VR13 LG 8
21. Suicidal thoughts involving jumping from the window preceded by internal shaking, also experienced an hour beforehand and in previous days. I had never had these thoughts before. The thoughts rapidly disappeared by washing my hands in cold water and after an expression of satisfaction. The prover formulated the following ideas in his mind: M., don’t talk rubbish, just forget about it. VR13 MD 10.00 7.
General symptoms (8 >29)
22. I feel vigorous and energetic. VR13 FZ 1
23. I feel like eating something salty: I can’t resist temptation and I have to stop at motorway services to get something to eat. I choose something particularly salty (chips). VR13 FZ 5,6
24. Immediately after taking the substance for the first time, I feel so much stronger that I feel as though I could carry the weight of the world upon my shoulders. It lasted a few minutes. VR13 MD 1,2
25. A sensation like a “hot flush” which begins from the public region and rises up the body to the chest, where it reaches a peak and continues up to the head, accompanied by a slight inner tremor, without external sweating. (2 minutes). VR13 MD 9.15, 10.30 2,7.
26. Feeling of tiredness and somnolence. VR13 FG 1,3
27. Unexpected and sudden, almost dramatic regression of the skin lesions (psoriasis) on the wrists and the antecubital region of the elbows. VR13 AT (Note: the tendency towards regression was noted from the fourth day of taking the substance and the improvement continued during the proving).
28. I have felt extremely warm during the last few days. I have worn light clothes and kept the heating at 16 degrees whereas I usually keep it set at about 17.5-18.5. I feel extremely uncomfortable if the radiators are turned on; breathing warm air really annoys me. I open all the windows, I like feeling the cool air in my mouth as well as on my face. VR13 DV 5,6,7
29. I go to the gym, I have a lot of energy and a desire to make a big effort and sweat. I want to feel my muscles working a lot. VR13 DV 9,11
Sleep (6 >35)
30. I wake up in the middle of the night in a state of agitation with a queasy feeling in my stomach. I stay in bed and after nearly two hours I manage to get back to sleep. VR13 DV 2,3,4,9,10
31. I wake up every morning at 5.00 am, regardless of the time I go to bed. VR13 MD 1,2,3
32. I find it hard to get to sleep, which is extremely unusual for me since I immediately fall asleep. I fall asleep at about midnight and wake up at twenty past one. I have a restless sleep for the rest of the night. VR13 EC 1
33. In the afternoon, towards 3.30 pm, I slept two hours flat out, a strange, unusual thing for me. When I awoke my eyes and head felt heavy and I had a general sensation of grogginess. VR13 CT 3,4
34. I only woke up twice during the night rather than every two hours as I tend to do. VR13 MP 4
35. I wake up at 5.00 am with a sensation of suffocation and I find it hard to breathe. VR13 MP 14,19
Head and dizziness (4 >39)
36. I have an ache in my head, left eye and left temple (10.00 am); the headache increases (11.00 am), I can’t concentrate (on the lesson), my eyes are dry and they are watering and have a burning sensation; (1.00 pm), an explosive headache on the left side of the head. The pain persists throughout the afternoon, with a sharp pain and stiffness on the left side of the neck. At 5.45 pm I ask to go out of the lecture theatre because I cannot follow the lesson due to the pain. At 7.00 pm I have a pounding headache. At 1.30 pm I wake up with a terrible headache. I can’t cope with the lighting from the street lamps and I wake up my husband because I can’t get up to pull down the blind. Ambulances go past, the sound is unbearable and drives me mad. By 4.00 am the pain has improved. VR13 MP 27
37. Unrelenting pain in my right temple (I have never had a headache in my life except from one episode, 15 years ago, probably caused by the sulphites in a wine) which got worse if I pressed it although I had the desire to put pressure on it. It lasted the whole day. VR13 FZ 21
38. I felt as though my head had been detached from my body at the level of the eyes. VR13 DV 4
39. A few minutes after taking the substance, I felt an immense sense of heaviness in the head (temples and forehead) and in the eyes, which lasted for an hour and a half. VR13 CT 1,4,6,7
Eyes and sight (4 >43)
40. Heaviness in the eyes (and in the head). I wasn’t able to wear glasses because i couldn’t see clearly. I found it difficult to focus. VR13 CT 1,6
41. Vision a bit blurry. VR13 MP 1,2,3
42. I saw sparks in front of my eyes. VR13 FG 6,8
43. Itchiness and burning sensation in both eyes. VR13 MP 18,19 (an old symptom in the prover which had not appeared for about 30 years).
Throat (3 > 46)
44. I found it difficult to swallow at dinner. This had never happened to me before. VR13 LG 2
45. I wake up with the sensation of suffocation and have difficulty breathing in. VR13 MP 14, 19
46. I feel as though I’ve got an apple core stuck in my throat, which is suffocating me. I have the sensation that my windpipe is blocked due to external pressure, like a weight that closes it and doesn’t allow either breath or saliva to pass through. I feel as though my thyroid has swollen. VR13 MP (Note: symptoms reported between the end of May 2013 and June 2013, therefore about 75 days after the start of the proving).

Ears, hearing (1 >47)
47. I wake up with low-pitched whistling in my ears, a dull, distant sound. VR13 LG 2
Gastrointestinal tract (9 >56)
48. My stomach feels very swollen. VR13 DV 1
49. I wake up in the middle of the night with an upset stomach. I have a feeling of nausea and am an in a state of extreme agitation. VR13 DV 2,3
50. Feeling pretty hungry. VR13 DV 9,10,12
51. Constant sensation of discomfort in the stomach and the abdomen (epigastric zone) as though I had a bloated stomach. A new and highly acute symptom. VR13 EC (Note: a persistent symptom throughout the first week of proving)
52. I feel as though I’ve got a hole in my stomach. VR13 AT 4,5
53. A hole in the stomach; the sensation of not being able to eat or drink anything. VR13 CT
54. In the morning I had dark diarrhoea with an unpleasant smell. VR13 MP 2,3, 5, 6,
55. Faeces looked like small dark balls, rather like plasticine. I have the urge but find it difficult to have bowel movements. MP 19, 20,21,26,28
56. I have cramp-like pains in my belly, my stomach is bloated like a balloon VR13 MP 19, 20. (and again in late May and June 2013

Chest (1 >57)
57. Pain in the left breast in the nipple area as though there was a knot. VR13 MP 14
Respiratory system (5 >62)
58. I wake up every morning at about 4.00-5.00 am with the sensation of suffocation. VR13 MP (the symptom occurs again in mid-May 2013, 60 days after the start of the proving).
59. I started coughing although it was fairly unproductive. I felt the impulse every few minutes (Note: the prover reports sweating with cold air and attributes the coughing to this). My nose was a bit runny. VR13 EC 12,13,14.
60. The coughing that had persisted for days disappeared (Note: prior to the proving). VR13 AT 2
61. A few coughs when I took the substance for the proving. VR13 CT 17.00, 22.00 5
62. I wake up with a series of violent, dry coughs. VR13 MP 11, 19
Back, muscoloskeletal system, extremities (8 >70)
63. As I drive, the index fingers of both hands feel very hot and they look redder than the other fingers. This lasted 10 minutes. Shortly afterwards the sole of my left foot feels extremely hot and this sensation lasted about 10 minutes. VR13 DV 8
64. I felt a sharp muscular pain in my left shoulder which lasted a very short time. VR13 FG 12
65. I notice that the bilateral skin lesions (psoriasis) in my wrists and elbows in the antecubital region are definitely getting better; I would even go so far as to define the improvement as dramatic. The skin lesions in the elbows have almost disappeared. VR13 AT 3
66. Low back pain. It got better spontaneously the next day. VR13 AT 11
67. The pain in my right index finger, which had disappeared for some time, got worse again (Note: the prover suffers from arthritis in the fingers). VR13 LG 2 (On 12 April 2013, during the last meeting with his supervisor, the prover said that the situation in the hands had gradually deteriorated; he couldn’t bend the small finger of the right hand and was worried it would remain paralysed. It was an observation rather than an actual fear. The prover had difficulty working with these symptoms: he is a dentist.
68. Sharp pain in the extremities (right thumb, right big toe). VR13 MP 9,11,12,13,15,21, 26,30,31.
69. Intense, gnawing pain in the left shoulder when I woke up. VR13 MP 21, 23
70. I felt intense numbness in the left iliac crest in the thigh as though it was a cyst or swelling (the swelling was real; it had a diameter of about 3-4 cm and was taut). VR13 CT 15,16,17 (Note: the prover believes this is linked to eating foods containing gluten, which she normally doesn’t use, and it seems this symptom reappears whenever she consumes them. It seems to be an old symptom that had not arisen for years).

Urinary tract and urine (3 >73)
71. It seems that the urine has a sweet smell. VR13 FZ 4, 6.
72. The sensation that I have lost control of the urethral sphincter: the urine comes out like a tap that has been turned on. VR13 CT
73. At 9.00 am I had already peed twice which is strange. I usually urinate 3-4 times during the whole day. VR13 EC 3
Female reproductive system – sexuality (7 >80)
74. Pains in the lower abdomen, comparable to the pains experienced a day from menstruation. As in the past, before getting married. The menstrual pains stopped many years ago when I started to engage in sexual activity. The pains are strong and prevent sexual relations. The intense pain also stops me from going to sleep. VR13 FG 20,21, 26,27,28,29,30,31,32.
75. I have lost the desire for sex. I have always had a strong sex drive and I have always really enjoyed having sex. VR13 FG (Note: the prover reports this symptom during the final seminar: the symptom persists even 60 days after the start of the proving – 18 May 2013 – and she asks the Director for an antidote.)
76. Tummy ache that corresponds to the onset of menstruation – slight cramps in the middle of the abdomen (normally menstrual pain is lower and much more acute). VR13 FZ 14,15.
77. A feeling of indifference towards sex, even though I have always had a strong sexual urge. VR13 FG (this still persists in May 2013 at the final seminar)
78. Increase in sexual appetite. My husband has noticed a complete change in me. VR13 MP 7.00 5
79. Clear increase in sexual urge. My husband says I have been transformed by the proving. VR13 MP 7 (Note: the husband subsequently asks her to continue taking the substance).
80. Conception. VR13 DV 15 (Note: I mention this in the interests of completeness, but it may be just a coincidence; the partner of the prover came back precisely during this period after being away for 6 months).
Notes and comments that emerged during the final interview

Prover FG

I have changed my approach to sexuality. I have always had a strong sex drive but this is no longer the case and I would like things to return to the way they were. I would like an antidote.

Prover FZ
The proving was extremely tiring. During the proving I have called a series of well-established situations into question. I felt the strongest sensations at a mental level. I observed and faced them in a more critical, resolute and decisive manner. From a personal point of view, it was a step forwards, although unquestionably hard and tiring. I initially had a positive reaction and managed to act. However, I now feel drained of energy.

Prover AT
My general mood had improved. I have always been grumpy. My girlfriend now says I am more affectionate. My colleagues at the School of Homeopathy at Verona have also noticed this change. They say that the light in my face has changed. I laugh, make jokes in class, have coffee together with them. I feel more tolerant, even when I’m at work. The sudden and distinct regression in the skin lesions associated with psoriasis is quite incredible.
Prover CM
I was really convinced I was taking a placebo. Indeed, my proving diary is blank, without any symptoms. I only noticed a capacity to cope with a family situation in a more categorical manner, adopting a more determined approach than usual.

Prover LG

I expected great things from the proving. The arthritic pains in the distal extremities of my fingers, which I had suffered from for a long time but had died down before the start of the proving, worsened again. The pain was incapacitating and I was unable to do my job (dentist). I was affected by dysphagia with difficult in swallowing. I had never experienced this before. The most alarming aspect was the homicidal urge that I felt towards my assistant, something which is quite unlike me. I sacked my assistant after 22 years of working together on a daily basis.

Prover MP
I feel transformed in terms of my sex drive and my husband has also noticed. The remedy has led to great changes. However, I still wake up at about 4.00-5.00 in the morning with a sense of suffocation. I feel extremely bloated with my abdomen swelling up like a balloon, as though I had put on weight. During the proving I had a violent throbbing headache which lasted almost a whole day, something to which I am completely unaccustomed. I have a lot of commitments but I face them more calmly and decisively, confident of being able to cope.

Prover EC
The most interesting and persistent symptom affected the stomach. I had a sensation of epigastric irritation during the whole of the first week which never let up. Thanks to this proving I gained trust in homeopathy because I realized that it was not a palliative. I began to have homeopathic appointments and to prescribe remedies. Other interesting things I noticed included restless sleep and the strength of my opinions which I expressed firmly.

Prover MD

His affectionate behaviour towards his girlfriend changed. Previously it had just been sweet talk and hours spent on the phone. He is now more detached and practical. He has called into question the forthcoming plans they had agreed together to live together.
He became more suspicious and rigid in his positions which was quite unlike him. On the sixth day he had suicidal instincts to throw himself out of the window. This was preceded by hot flushes and the need to let out a scream. He had never experienced this before. The feeling passed after washing his hands and face with cold water.

Prover CT

The most powerful sensation I experienced was the difficulty in reading and trying to focus. The sensation was particularly intense, associated with a heaviness of the head. The area of the body that was most affected was definitely the head and the eyes. I experienced an incredibly strong feeling of somnolence in the afternoon.

Prover DV
I noticed significant changes. I was highly agitated during the night and stayed awake for hours, feeling the need to do something. I played with the mobile in the hope that I would get back to sleep. I had terrible insomnia and the desire to be active. When I was in the gym, I felt the need to make intense effort, pushing my muscles to the limit so that they were exhausted. I used weights which are usually only used by men.

Prover EZ
Placebo. I felt an incredibly strong, incapacitating sensation of tiredness during the proving which prevented me from working. This was noticed by colleagues who were unaware of the proving. She was the only prover who stopped taking the substance before the seventh day. The idea that she should have to take an antidote was also taken into consideration.

Supervisor RP

Taking part in a proving as a prover means taking a substance blindly without knowing anything about it. This involves making an incredible emotional effort, a leap in the dark. This is why even placebos can cause symptoms.


Theory and practice of Proving
The art of self-observation and the transcription of symptoms.
Practical exercises
Progress notes and guided self-observation
Experimental protocol
Assessment and selection of participants.
Programming of the Proving.

PROVING (9 March – 9 April)
Taking the substance
30 day observation period + follow-up observations

Examination of the results of the Proving.
Reports of the provers and the supervisors.

1 Director (the only person aware of the proving substance)
1 Coordinator
10 Supervisors
15 Provers of whom 11 are women and 4 are men.
12 200K phials, 3 Placebos.
1 Prover decided to stop.
1 Prover withdrew for health reasons.
Verum = Proteus vulgaris 200 K (Ce.M.O.N.) in the form of a hydro-alcoholic solution.
TOTAL: 13 valid PROVERS of which: 10 200K, 3 Placebos.
1 Prover decided to stop.
1 Prover withdrew for health reasons.
Verum = Proteus vulgaris 200 K (Ce.M.O.N.) in the form of a hydro-alcoholic solution.
TOTAL: 13 valid PROVERS of which: 10 200K, 3 Placebos.

Gustavo Dominici, M.D.
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