Gustavo_DominiciMy name is Gustavo Dominici. I was born in Umbria (Italy) in 1955. I am a graduate of the University of Perugia. I graduated in 1981 with a degree in Medicine. I was completely dissatisfied with the state of medical practice at the time, so I starting seeking a different type discipline. I wanted a discipline with the following characteristics: first it had to respect Ippocrate’s first principle Primum non nocere; and the second was it had to have the capability to heal the patients. I started off studying Natural Medicine, then I switched to Chinese Medicine, but I was unmoved my these fields. This natural interest and desire to feel more moved led me to discover Homeopathic Medicine.

I studied Homeopathic Medicine in Rome at the school of Prof. Antonio Negro. I continued working with Prof. Negro for the next seven years. In that time I studied under the guise of some of the best teachers in the world. These teachers included Tomaso Pablo Paschero of Argentine and Proceso Sanchez Ortega of Mexico. From then on I dedicated all my time and practise to Classical Homeopathic Medicine, also known as Hahnemanian.

In 1989 I founded the Vescovio Homeopathic Center in Rome.
In 1995 I created the scientific medical magazine Il Medico Omeopata, it is a quarterly publication published by FIAMO, the Italian Association of Medical Homeopathy. I am also the Editor of this publication.

I have taught in many schools and have organized experimental research groups to discover and learn about new homeopathic medicines.
I participated as a speaker at numerous international and national congresses. I have also written many articles on the subject.
My main principle has always remained intact, and that always been first and foremost to heal patients. This must be done in accordance with the astonishing and innovative methods of Homeopathy.

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